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We archive every piece of content Notch left behind him on the internet: games, music, websites, etc.. Here, you'll find everything we currently have archived. Everything is sorted by year of creation, but the best way to search is by using your browser's search tool.
Keep in mind that this section is still under construction.
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  • According to an interview, Markus Persson started coding at the age of 7 - that was around 1986 or 1987. Notch's first game was a "very basic text adventure" he made at the age of eight, 1987 or 1988. It is currently unknown if any of these games or notch's first Commodore 128 are still with Notch or his parents.

  • 1990s
  • BitSeven Productions was Notch's first "studio", under which he created the earliest known games. He shared screenshots and some basic info about the games in an interview in 2011. All BitSeven games were created for DOS using the Turbo Pascal integrated development environment. None of these games are archived, they were never shared in the first place. All you can do is check out the screenshots, with original descriptions written by Notch!

  • 2001
  • was a website which Notch started around this time. It featured games, music and other interesting things, which are all currently lost to time. The website stopped being paid for in 2009, and now it serves as an archive on Notch's games.

  • Legend of the Chambered is the oldest known game released on The IntraClinic in July 2001, and is also the first game of this title. It was a first person dungeon romp, similar to games like Dungeon Master - in the form of a java applet. It started as an experimental engine for this type of games, but Notch liked working on it so he kept expanding it for a while. Multiple versions were released, however none is currrently archived.
    • There was a version being hosted on as far back as 16th July 2001, as reported in a Mozilla bug report site. It didn't work on Mozilla and Netscape due to an image loading bug. [Mozilla bug reports]
    • 0.1.4 was released on 20th July 2001, it made the game run faster, added pressure plates, and fixed an issue with doors. [Changelog]
    • 0.1.5 was released on 21st July 2001, it added fighting, stats and potions. [Changelog]
    • There was a new version uploaded to around 24th July 2001. [Mozilla bug reports]
    • There was a new another version uploaded, this time to around 25th July 2001. [Mozilla bug reports]
    • 0.2.0 was released on 25th July 2001, it changed the map, added stairs, fixed the mozilla/netscape bug, and fixed some issues. [Changelog]
    It is unknown if Notch ever updated the game further, as the Wayback Machine saves never went further.

  • SiteApplet was an applet that would load if you entered the website. It was most likely an animated logo of The IntraClinic.

  • Droj was a multiplayer game hosted on Notch's computer. Nothing is known about Droj, as it is currently lost and the archived site doesn't contain much information.

  • 2002
  • Dachon B was a multiplayer j3D gravity thruster type game with collision detection, a console and a sound engine. It was being worked on around the same time as Stark, and released around May 2002. Development was cancelled due to Notch realizing j3D being too slow to make anything "real" in. The game alongside a screenshot is currently lost.
    Here's the original post on the jvm-gaming forums.

  • Stark was a j3D 2.5 dimensional graphics engine, whose main functionality as loading DOOM WADs. It was being developed around the same time as Dachon B, and it released around May. Almost all DOOM levels rendered perfectly, except the sky in DOOM 2 levels. Notch lost interest and abandoned the project after having an issue with sprite rendering. He also later released the source code. Only the website is currently archived, making the game itself, the j3D version and the source code lost.
    Here's a mention about it on the jvm-gaming forums.

  • Untitled Re-coloring Project - Notch was messing with images and coloring techniques.

  • 2003
  • WURM Online is an MMO RPG that Notch worked on with Rolf Jansson, who founded Mojang AB together. Development started sometime in 2003. Notch was developing the game's client until 2007, when he left the company, which later changed it's name. There is a lot more about Wurm, check out the dedicated page.

  • Mojang's SiteApplet was an applet that would load if you entered the Mojang website. There was a big C-shaped “Mojang Specifications” logo, and when you clicked it, it split into four half-sized logos that bounce apart a little. When you clicked any of them, they again split and bounced apart. After the 5th split the parts vanished after bouncing.
    Here's a post about it on jvm-gaming.

  • 2004
    There are no known projects other than Wurm, that notch worked on during this year.

  • Wrath of Magranon was a singleplayer game made by Notch to test LWJGL for Wurm. It is currently lost, but you can read more about it at this archived wiki.

  • SonicRacer4k is the first time Notch attempted to join the 4k Java Competition in January 2005. It is a Sonic game with "stolen sprites". Some of the code is based on Stark. You can read the original thread here. It later mutated into a voxel game engine, as said here. Notch forgot to make a backup of the racer source code, so he abandoned it.
    Download the jar here, run it by "java -cp SonicRacer4K.jar A window".

  • Dungeon4k a game for the j4k competition, created in January 2005.
    Download the jar here, run it by "java -cp Dungeon4k.jar D window".

  • Hunters4k is another game for the j4k competition.
    Download the jar here, run it by "java -cp Hunters4k.jar D window".

  • Miners4k is a game made for the 2006 j4k competition. The goal is to lead all the miners to the gold. It was released in December 2006. Original thread. It had multiple versions.
    Download the jar here, run it by "java -cp miners4k.jar A".

  • Pixler was a flash application, unknown what it did. It is currently lost.

  • 2006
  • joXSI was a free, open source .xsi file importer for java. The goal was to have joXSI support everything in the xsi file format, including inverse kinematics and skinned animation. It was developed around January 2006.

  • Dachon4k is made for the 2006 j4k competition, it's a game similar to Dachon B, but singleplayer and in 4kb. You can visit the homepage here, or play the applet here.

  • Logichex is a combination of hexagons and logic gates. You can even build a very simple computer with it. It had two versions.

  • Super Mario Whee/Infinite Mario Bros was a game made for a mario themed competition.

  • "Brainf*ck to Java compiler" was exactly what the name says. You can read more about it in the original thread.

  • "Java assembler" was notch's own custom Java assembler. You can read more about it in the original thread.

  • King Games
    Notch used to work for as a game developer in ActionScript. The games he worked on were released from 2005 to 2009, when he left the company. These games are currently not on our site.
    If we ever find out when these were made, they will be properly sorted.
  • Funnyfarm

  • Luxor

  • Zuma

  • Pinball King

  • Duck Pond Dash

  • Carnival Shootout

  • 2007
  • L4krits is a demake of Luxor, a game made by Notch for

  • t4kns was notch's entry for this year's j4k competition.

  • Takns was the finished version of t4kns. You can download the source code here.

  • 2008
  • Rubylands was an online fantasy RPG manager.

  • Blast Passage.

  • TowerFail was a failed attempt at LD12.

  • Breaking the Tower was Notch's entry for Ludum Dare 12. There were at least 3 released versions: the first was an early test and it is lost; second version that was submitted to the competition; and the third and final version, which was released after the competition ended and added scoreboard.

  • Left4kDead is a zombie shooter game. We also have a dev version archived - here.

  • Legend of the Chambered is another dungeon crawler, this is the well known version of it.

  • TinyCham is a 40x30 EGA dungeon crawler prototype.

  • Eye of the Onlooker II - The Legend of Tinymoon is a more finished version of TinyCham. It is currently lost.

  • Road is an unfinished Ludum Dare 13 racing game.

  • 2009
  • Meg4kman is a Megaman game created for the j4k competition.

  • Bunny Press is a puzzle game created for Ludum Dare.

  • Muh is a rythm game in the style of C64.

  • Jack Guzi is a platformer game about a deranged man cleaning his bathroom, made for the No More Sweden 2009 competition. This game is currently lost.

  • Legend of the Chambered 2 was a never finished sequel. It was initially witheld from public release, however Notch announced on May 03, 2009 on the TigSource Forums that the work-in-progress game was now available to play on the Mojang website as an applet, mentioning that he had made the game "a while back".

  • RubyDung was a level generator prototype, later mutated into Minecraft.

  • Zombie Town was a GTA Chinatown like renderer, featuring the Steve model from Minecraft. It is not known to have released, thus it is lost.

  • City was an engine and walking test with walls. It is currently lost.

  • Minecraft is a popular block building game.

  • Minecraft4k is a j4k competition Minecraft demake. An older version is also available.

  • Left4kDead 2 is a sequel to Left4kDead, it was mainly made as a joke on how L4D 2 was almost the same game as the first one.

  • The Europa Arcology Incident is a game for the Ludum Dare 16 competition.

  • Unknown release years from around this time
  • Flashmaze is a flash FPS prototype. It uses sprites from a DOOM mod.

  • HL2RPG is a Java Dungeon Master like prototype which uses HL2 assets.

  • 3dck_d0 is a DOOM level renderer in Flash.

  • Legend of the Chambered (Flash) is a prototype dungeon crawler made in Flash.

  • 2010
  • VVVV is a game for the Ludum Dare 16 competition.

  • TinyGame 2010 Color Test Dithering color palette test.

  • Legend of the Chambered - Book 1 was a game idea for TinyGame 2010, probably never started working on it.

  • The Tiny Vikings was a never finished game for TinyGame2010.

  • Metagun is a platformer game.

  • Launch is a game for the 2010 Bigjam competition.

  • Her is another game for the 2010 Bigjam competition. This game seems to be broken.

  • Anttack is a game for the 2010 Tigjam competition. The theme was insects. This game is currently lost.

  • Sunshine Bubbles is another game for the 2010 Tigjam competition. The themes were sunshine and bubbles. This game is currently lost.

  • CatRace is yet another game for the 2010 Tigjam competition. The game was probably about a racing cat. This game is currently lost.

  • 15m is yet another game for the 2010 Tigjam competition. Unknown what the game was about. It is currently lost.

  • Legend of the Chambered (Ludum Dare version) is another version of the well known LoC game. This one was made for the Ludum Dare 19 competition. There were 4 released versions, only the first three are found: Version 1, Version 2, Version 3, and there's also an Android version.

  • Super Me4k Boy was a never released j4k game prototype.

  • 2011
  • Prelude of the Chambered is an entry for the Ludum Dare 21 game jam.

  • Minicraft is a game for the Ludum Dare 22 competition.

  • Santa vs Cthulhu is an unfinished game engine. The archived version is an early test Notch shared.

  • BrickCraft/Project Rex Kwon Do was a never finished LEGO game made by Mojang.

  • Minitale was a never finished sequel to Minicraft.

  • 2012
  • 0x10c was a never finished first person shooter space game. One of the interesting aspects of the game is that it included an in-game emulated computer referred to as the DCPU-16. While the game was never released officially, there is a leaked very early version available here (keep in mind it is nowhere close to being the final game). There was also a facebuilder application made in Unity by Eldrone, who was the artist for the game.

  • DCPU-16 is the virtual computer from 0x10c mentioned above. Notch even released proper documentation for it.

  • Herp Fortress is a TF2 demake Notch made while working on 0x10c. He only released the source code.

  • Minecraft4k JavaScript / ChamberedTest is a test of Notch 'porting' Minecraft4k to JavaScript. You can not move or look around by yourself.

  • 2013
  • Drop is speed-typing game made with Unity.

  • Shambles is a first person shooter made for the 7DFPS game competition. It was made with Unity.

  • Last Minute Christmas Chopping is a game for the Ludum Dare 28 competition.

  • 2014
  • Drowning in Problems is game for the Ludum Dare 29 competition.

  • Cliffhorse is a game about a horse that runs over cliffs! Isn't that exciting?! =)

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