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Posted by Notch at Wed Mar 26 06:18:55 PDT 2008
Here's the current plan for items:

Normal Items
- Stackable
- Can't be equipped, only carried
- Single use
- Also used for random collectables and materials

Example: Healing Potion, Crossbow Bolt, Dragon Hide

Multi Use Items
- Not stackable
- Can't be equipped, only carried
- Technically the same as Normal Items, except rendered as single items
- Used for wands and things with more than a single use

Example: Wand of Healing [5], Hot Meal [2]

- Not stackable
- Consists of an item type, a material, an optional prefix, and an optional suffix
- The item type decides what slot the item can be equipped in
- Materials range from normal ones (iron, wood, etc) to exotic ones that require hero traits to use (glass, dragonscale, etc)
- Prefixes are single adjectives (Legendary, Blessed, Fine) and modify the item stats
- Suffixes are in the form "of <foo>", and add special abilities to the item.

Example: Iron Boots, Legendary Silver Necklace of Gloom, Decorated Wool Cape, Copper Sword of Dragon Slaying
Battle replay animations!
Posted by Notch at Tue Mar 18 16:55:52 PDT 2008
Ok, they're not as fancy as they will be, but at least the first version of the battle replays are in place. Woop!
Hexagons or regular tiles?
Posted by Notch at Mon Mar 17 17:20:14 PDT 2008
I can't really decide if the battlefields should be based on hexagons or straight tiles.
Hexagons have the advantage of feeling slightly more "serious", and allows for things like area of effect spells and so without being TOO silly, but straight tiles is really more traditional and might fit the feeling I want to achieve better.. Any suggestions?
News integrated to the forums!
Posted by Notch at Mon Mar 17 15:52:46 PDT 2008
Instead of using my own database for storing news and comments, I've changed it to use JForum. Integrating it was surprisingly easy. =)

I can use all kinds of cool tags in here, I guess.