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joXSI is a free, open source .xsi file importer for java.
The goal is to have joXSI support everything in the xsi file format, including inverse kinematics and skinned animation.

Click here to launch a simple joXSI demo. (JNLP)
(It can take a few seconds before the model shows up after the window is visible.. have patience)


joXSI is currently far from done. It doesn't even have a version number yet.
So far, it does the following:

Download joXSI

joXSI is released under the BSD licence (see the LICENSE file).

Click here to download the source code for joXSI, or here to download the binaries.
or here to download the source in a Eclipse 3.2 Project Interchange. Or you can browse the javadocs for joXSI online.



joXSI is now hosted on SourceForge at SourceForge includes Subversion version management system to manage the source code, a feature request tracker, a bug tracker, and project releases.


There are now comments in the source code!


If you want to contribute to joXSI (either by suggesting patches, or by sending feedback), send an email to Please put "joXSI" somewhere in the subject line or contact the developers through the SourceForge project page.