Dungeon4k is a game written in java, and looks similar to games like Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder.
It was written by Markus Persson as an entry for a java 4KB game programming competition, and takes up exactly 4KB (4096 bytes) including all graphics and packaging (jnlp and this website excluded).


Play now via webstart, or if you want to play the game in fullscreen mode (you should, it's a lot more fun), download Dungeon.jar, then run "java -cp Dungeon4k.jar D".


The goal of Dungeon4k is to collect as many diamonds as possible before the energy runs out.
To do this, you will need to find keys for locked doors, refill your energy, and cast powerful spells.


To open a door, either use a key by simply walking into the door, or cast the BREAK spell.
Walk over a key to pick it up.
Walk over a diamond to pick it up. Each diamond you pick up is worth one point more than the last.
Power stones litter the hallways of the dungeon, blocking your passage.
You can push them into an empty space by walking into them, break them with the BREAK spell, or pull them towards you with the PULL spell. (Make sure there's an empty tile between you and the power stone you wish to PULL)
POWER FIELD (uncharged)
Power fields are special tiles where the air is tingling with power. Push a power stone into a power field to break down the stone and make the field absorb the power in the stone.
POWER FIELD (charged)
Once a power field has been charged, it will replenish some of your energy when you step into it.


W or ARROW UP: Move forward
S or ARROW DOWN: Move back
A or ARROW LEFT: Move left
D or ARROW RIGHT: Move right
Q or HOME: Turn left
E or PAGE UP: Turn right
ESCAPE: Quit the game
P: Cast the PULL spell
B: Cast the BREAK spell

Everything here is Copyright (c) 2005 Mojang Specifications.