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Welcome to The Intra Clinic. The best place to learn about Markus "Notch" Persson and his creations. The site was originally founded by Notch around the year 2001, and predates Mojang by at least three years. It was used for hosting his early content such as Wurm Online, other smaller games which are all lost to time music, and of course - cryptic messages. The website was abandoned in the 2006s as Notch moved his creations to, and the website finally shut down on 20th of August 2009. Since then, it was up for grabs, until 2021 when a group of archivists formerly known as "Markus Archival Community", now rebranded to "The Intra Clinic", bought the website for historical purposes. A great place to start is the archive page, where you'll find everything that Notch ever created.

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