Breaking the Tower

(You need java to play)


Hehe, of course some people just had to show how easy it was to hack, so I've disabled the ability to submit new scores, and reverted the highscore list to an older one. Thanks for the lesson. =)

Oh, wow, there's a really nice review here. Thank you, Daniel Rutter, for that awesome review!
Abut those really low high scores: Yeah, it seems unlikely. I've got the replay data for all high score entries, but unfortunately, the synchronization code is broken, so I can't replay anything predictably. If you're reading this and didn't cheat, you've GOT to tell me your strategy. Holy moly!

I've made a post-LD12 update, fixing a few bugs, and adding a high score list.
Oh, and for the people who can't figure out how to win, here's a hint: What is the tower made of?

Breaking the tower got mentioned on Rock, Paper, Shotgun and Woo!


Left mouse button selects buildings from the top, then places them in the game area.
Right mouse button rotates the map. Placing the mouse cursor near the sides of the game area also works.
That's it!


Breaking the Tower is an entry to the 12th Ludumdare competition by Markus Persson.
This zip file represents the final entry.

I've uploaded a timelapse of me creating the game to youtube. Check it out!