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    Project pretty much dead, released source code. [2002-10-16 20:16]
    I've moved on to other, more exciting projects. This one was really fun at first, but really lost it's appeal when I ran into the sprite- issue.
    I released the source-code for anyone to use or look at. Head over to downloads to grab it.

    - Markus

    Still no sprites.. [2002-05-21 00:35]

    I blame Morrowind. I haven't been able to do anything even remotely coherent for the last three days.. everything I do away from Vvardenfell feels pale and pointless.

    Oh, sprites are IN, but they are very buggy. I'm afraid I'm either going to have to revert to proper z-buffers (better for the engine, worse for the Doom-implementation), or just render the level in the same way Doom does.

    In other news, I put up a (very not-l33t) messageboard. It's something I get "for free" by Yahoo when they host my site, so I figured I might just as well put it to use.
    Go. Post.

    - Markus

    Site re-design, and new launching options [2002-05-16 23:53]

    New colors, cooler logo, and more content. Almost.

    Two new options for playing Stark is now available; double-size applet and JNLP.
    The double-sized applet works just like the normal applet, except that everything is bigger. That means bigger pixels, and less squinting.

    The JNLP version uses JNLP to load Stark to your hard-drive (1.7 meg download, not much larger than the applet), and saves it there. When there's a newer version on the server, it's automatically downloaded for you by JNLP the next time you run Stark.
    This version also has fullscreen, mouse-support, and lets you play offline.

    Note that you'll need an implementation of JNLP installed to run this. One such is Sun's own Java Web Start, but others are available. Google around.

    - Markus

    Middle textures now work [2002-05-12 23:22]

    The rendering is now two-pass. First it renders front-to-back, masking out the areas that get hidden by the rendering. Then it renders back-to- front, filling in all the non-solid information.
    Right now the only non-solid information to fill in are transparent middle textures on two-sided linedefs, the same system will be used for the sprites.

    I also make Stark run at the same game-logic speed on all computers, regardless of rendering speed. Right now, Stark ticks att 100 ticks per second, but that will probably go down to 70, in order to work with Doom's 35 ticks per second.

    I'll go sleep now.

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