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Java4k 2005 Competition
There were a total of 50 submitted games this year.
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Image Name Author Description Play
4K-tris pb33 Now this is a great 4K version of tetris! The movement is smooth, there's a semi-animated background, and classic gameplay that seems to be flawless. There's also different levels of difficulty! [Play]
Another Tetris 4K flub This is another good version of tetris. It offers the standard tetris game play and it has a nice interface. It previews the next block and counts how many times certain blocks have appeared. It has music, and the best part about the music is you can... [Play]
Ball4K Kevin Glass One of the few 4K games that utilize pseudo-3D, this game is very similar to Tilt4K. Move the ball with your arrow key and roll over every hotspot to find the exit. [Play]
Blast! Joakim Johnson Shoot the yellow blobs (red on the radar) while avoiding getting hit by the green blobs. New blobs are spawned all the time, so you better start blasting blobs right away! [Play]
Bleating Sheep 4K William Denniss Good news for anyone with a grudge against a flock of sheep. Anti-PETA activists can happily duke it out with the savage beasts. It's simple: point and shoot! Consider twisted laughter if needed. [Play]
Bombnet 4K m.e. BombNet4K is a Client/Server game that fits inside 4kb. You can either run this locally using a Java plug-in in your browser or put it on a server. [Play]
Bubble Racer 4K c_lilian Bubble Racer 4k is an impressive real-time raytraced racing game. The object of the game is to collect all of the blue spheres (you are the gold sphere) by using your arrow keys. Time decreases your score gradually, but collecting blue spheres... [Play]
Chopper 4K dsellars Keyboard mashers rejoice! This high-action kill-everything-in-sight game will keep you mashing the keys for a long time! Move the chopper with your arrow keys, shoot with CTRL, and bomb with shift! Leave none alive! [Play]
Click Risk Mans Olson You're a doctor that's examining some crucial epidemic-prone organisms. Don't let any of the organisms escape the microscope area! Use your mouse to send them in the opposite of your click! [Play]
Collapse 4K Joakim Johnson Click blocks that are connected horizontally and vertically and horizontally. If more than two blocks are connected, they will be eliminated. The more blocks that are connected, the higher the score, so try to gather up as many connected blocks of one... [Play]
Combat 4K nonnus29 This game is based off the ATARI classic, only now its in STUNNING 3D! Well, at least its polygonal. Maneuver your way past the blocks and fire at the pink tank. Go ahead, keep doing it over and over! The 3D is INSANE!!! Use your arrow keys to move,... [Play]
Dungeon 4K Markus Persson Wolfenstein3D fans rejoice! An impressive 3D game that mimics classics such as Dungeon Master. Can you find your way out? (Complete instructions at the game's home page) [Play]
Fetrisk 4K Mans Olson Don't confuse this with tetris, it is quite different! You only have one shape and elimination is chunk based, not line based! Use the up key to rotate and the down key to drop. [Play]
Fifteen 4K Mans Olson It was bound to happen. The 15-piece puzzle has found its way into the 4k contest. The rules are simple: place the tiles in order from 1-15 to win the game. Mind boggling, isn't it? [Play]
Grid Blaster 4K hclower This is a great game for arcade fans! Its a classic dodge-and-shoot game with a sweet scrolling background. Use the arrow keys to avoid the bombs and the space key to fire at your red opponents. [Play]
Grid Runner X Kevin Glass Get ready to smash your arrow keys with this one. Using your arrow keys, highlight each grid cell by flying on the border to clear the level. Watch out for the red spikes! [Play]

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