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Java4k 2004 Competition
There were probably XX submitted games this year.
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Image Name Author Description Play
Falling Dots ajbasic Catch all the dots into your basket! [Play]
MMS suspision An multiplayer shooter game. [Lost]
Pacman gyvermac A Pacman demake. [Lost]
4K Shooter Abuse You're a spaceship, you must kill your enemies! [To be added]
'break' gyvermac Another classical game demake. [Lost]
Magic Cutter javaweird Unknown. [Lost]
'history' snakattack A broad look at the evolution of western civilization as we know it. [Lost]
Space Invaders Ragnvald The classic arcade game! [Lost]
4K Crossword javaweird Crosswords! [Lost]
Prong4K Martin Ericcson Unknown [Lost]
Defender 4000 jbanes A race of previously unknown evil space aliens has stumbled upon an Earth mining colony. Now they're coming after you! This game was the winner of this competition. [To be added]

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