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Java4k 2003 Competition
There were probably 39 submitted games this year.
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Image Name Author Description Play
Another Alien Invasion! suspision The earth is under attack You must save the earth by destroying the alien mother ship without letting any alien ships pass. [Play]
Ants in the Pants carmichaelbaby Try to swat the ants up or down with the swatter to make them go in the pants. [Play]
Arctic Shipwreck Storgaard In the game you control an elephant that tries to help out 20 shipwrecks for one minute until the rescue arrives. [Lost]
Asteroids MickeyB [Lost]
Balance myavuzselim A simple balance game. Same number of balls in the diagonal areas of the mouse gives you points. [Play]
Balls myavuzselim Lots of balls coliding with each other! [Play]
Brownian Motion Yfaifai A tiny game demonstrating the unpredictability of "random" gas-particle-like motion. [Play]
Cascade mlk Cascade is a game of logical thinking. The object of the game is to make all the balls disappear in the least number of moves. [Play]
Cell Game Virum In this game you are a prokaryotic bacterium cell. [Lost]
Comet Ball javatypo [Lost]
ConnectFour Ragnvald The object of the game is to get four pieces in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally). [Lost]
Dedris codymanix A Tetris clone. [Play]
Flip Tile Goryus Click on a tile to flip that tile and all the adjacent tiles. The object of the game is make all of the tiles on the screen disappear. [Play]
Goalie carmichaelbaby Controll a paddle and catch balls. Do not let them pass! [Play]
JMineSweeper Zerjio A demake of the classic game Minesweeper. [Play]
Lights Out egoodies [Lost]
Line Game suspision [Lost]
Maze Of Doom JTeen Navigate through the maze and advance to the next level. [Play]
Missile Command / WarGames jbanes To be added! [To be added]
Nibbles egoodies Snake! Collect apples to become longer. [Play]
No Way Out jGizmo Evil Dr.P trying to escape from Graham city top sercuity jail. Your job is to try to stop him in this intense 4 paddle pong! [Play]
Paletas RollWhisTler A two player pong experience! [Broken?]
Pong qonjure A pong game. [Broken?]
Racing Abuse An intense car racing game! This game was generally agreed upon to have won. [Play]
Red Iron Ball ibosan [Lost]
Rock, Paper, Scissors Woogley [Lost]
Rush lossendil Control a spaceship and navigate through meteors. [Play]
Saloon Shootout Adriaan. Shoot the evil cowboys lurking in a saloon! [Play]
Scorched Earth radix_zero A Scorched Earth demake. [Play]
Space Ass Adriaan. Save the world from the terrible Plutonians! [Play]
Space Ball jGizmo Snake! Collect as many pills as you can, control of the space ball will be getting harder and harder. [Play]
Space Battle Earth harleyrana Top down space shooter. [Play]
Space Invaders tigarr A space invaders clone. [Play]
Space Shooting Game javatypo [Lost]
The Spy mihaohao Point and click shooter. [Lost]
Tile Hopper ReardonJ Make all the squares blue! [Play]
Tube Blazer hclower Variation of an old game called Trail Blazer. You are a ball trying to roll along a tube that stretches through space. [Play]
Warp Shooter suspision Shoot the enemy red ships, but not the green ones! [Broken]
Whack-a-Square Shish [Lost]

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