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HTML 3.2
6th February 2024 by DEJVOSS
To ensure compatibility with basically everything now, (most of) the site is now HTML3.2! Also rewrote the code to be much cleaner, no more closing tags that never started! In terms of new games being found, there hasn't been much activity, but hopefully I'll revamp the archive page and add newer stuff to it soon enough. Stay tuned!

Dachon4k and Takns!
24th July 2023 by DEJVOSS

Phew, I really should use the news section whenever I update the site. Thanks to superllama on Discord, we now have the original Takns jar (previously we only had a recompiled version from the source code), and... (applause, please) - Dachon4k! This means we now have every Java4k game that notch has ever made!

- Original game page
- Applet page
- Jar link

- Original game page + applet page
- Jar link
(A redesign of the now messy archive page is coming sometimes Soon™️)
New Java Download Section!
We added a Java download section! We currently have versions 5, 6, 7, and 8 of the Java Runtime Environment available for download. Keep in mind each release linked may not be completely up to date, but they are the version we recommend if you want to try to play some of the Java games we have hosted here in our archive in your web browser. If you don't wish to do that, then we recommend installing the latest version of Java.

Our Java download page
The official Java download page (for the most recent version).
The website is now live!
The Intra Clinic website is now live!

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