Selling silver coins for real life money?

This is what we think would happen if we did sell (but not buy) silver coins for real-life money

Direct effects on wealth in the game

Result: Some people will become rich with very little effort.
Desirable: No.

Distribution of wealth

Result: If a rich player wants to be able to use his wealth in any other way than buying deeds, he makes it easier for other players to make money in the game, and he enables a proper economy
Desirable: Yes, very
Notes: While we want to keep the game player run, we might add npc services for very boring tasks, such as mail delivery. Personal traders is a service already performed by the NPCs.

Sale of silver coins

Result: Mojang makes more money, and in theory it becomes possible to make money by playing wurm a lot
Desirable: Arguably
Notes: The sale of silver coins (or other goods) outside of wurm would not be supported by mojang, but it's also not forbidden. It's up to the players

Inflation and long term effects

Result: Mojang can effectively control the amount of silver coins in the game
Desirable: Yes. Inflation is very bad
Notes: The cut that is removed from upkeep payments needs to be very carefully balanced to make sure the silver coins/player stays constant. This means it will have to be in relation to the number of silver coins bought by rich players, and the growth rate of the player base.


We think the effects of selling silver coins are very good, and would make wurm a more interesting game.