• Making some progress here.. 0.2.0 is up - 03:17 2001-07-25

    The mini-quest is a bit more entertaining now, with a buggy pair of doors on the bottom floor. I'll fix those for 0.2.1.

    The equipment will work for the next version. Honest. There will be Defence and Attack values for the characters, and they will affect how much damage they take and how much they can damage the enemies.

    What's new:

    • The levels work as they should.
    • Stairs. And they work.
    • Added a development mode (turned on in 0.2.0). Press F12 to throw a Staff of Creation, then use it to get a very unsupported window where you can create and modify items.
    • The game should run at the same speed on all computers.
    • Fixed the mozilla/netscape bug.
    • Made a stand-alone version of the game (not an applet).
    • Tons of internal clean-up.. as usual.

  • I just finished 0.1.5 - 05:28 2001-07-21

    Yeah, there we go. Fighting finally works. Unfortunately, the game doesn't currently care if you're actually using a weapon or not.. you do the same ammount of damage no matter what you use to attack.

    What's new:

    • Fighting. Right click the hands of a character from the party-menu to attack. When you attack, the name of the character that attacked turns gray, and you can't use that character until the name turns white again. This also prevents you from moving away from the enemy directly after attacking.
    • Added some stats to the status-screen. Just HP and Mana for now.
    • Implemented healing potions and added a backsack full of them next to the pressure-plate.
    • Doors open way faster now.
    • Tons of internal clean-up

    I think I'll go sleep now. ;)

  • 0.1.4 is up - 22:56 2001-07-20

    I changed the inner loop in both texturemappers (vertical and horizontal) to use fixed math interpolation and gained a LOT of speed. Made me happy.

    What's new:

    • Pressure plates that work.
    • Limited the interaction range to one square.
    • Debugged how the doors work.. it should be impossible to rush out a door before it closes now.
    • Tons of internal clean-up